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Broken Icon Artists

Nick Wentland is a comic book artist and writer from Des Moines, IA. He has a growing number of published credits with various independent companies, leading to his recent work on titles such as Spread (Image), Army of Darkness: Furious Road (Dynamite), TMNT (IDW) and GI Joe (IDW). As Broken Icon Comics’ go to colorist he has colored greats like Kim Jacinto (Venom, Thunderbolts), Darryl Banks (Green Lantern), Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones) and Mark Kidwell (Rising Rebels, 68). A multi-faceted artist, his credits cover almost the entire gamut of comic creation from lines and colors to writing, editing, and publishing.

Tristan Kelly is a self taught artist from Kansas. After serving in the US Navy he began honing his craft and eventually hooked up with Broken Icon Comics in 2013. Since then has added various titles to his impressive portfolio including the acclaimed Grocery Assassins and the anticipated Thomas Coe. In September of 2018 his first GI Joe covers were released on Issue 256. His three extremely rare covers are homages to the toy lines of the 80s and 90s.

Broken Icon Comics is an independent publisher based in Marietta, Ohio. Our mission is simple: bring gripping comics that are visually appetizing and have edge to the market. We are all about gripping and edgy work that sparks creative thought into anyone who reads them.

BIC specializes in horror titles with deep characters and rad beasties from cover to cover. But we have recently seen an increase in science fiction, crime noir and supernaturalesque titles. What can I say, we like to be different.

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