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A native of Boston and graduate of Syracuse University, George has worked extensively in TV and film since 1972. Notable film work includes the Coen Brothers' best-picture nominee A Serious Man (2009) as Rabbi Nachtner, Mel Brooks' Spaceballs (1987) as Colonel Sandurz, and his To Be or Not to Be (1983). Among other dozens of film credits are the classic Fletch (1985) and Fletch Lives (1989), The Devil's Advocate (1997), and Trouble with the Curve (2012). George has guest starred on over 150 TV shows, and has been a series regular on nine. He is perhaps best known for his six seasons as Deputy D.A. Irwin Bernstein on Hill Street Blues (1981).
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Gregory French is an Actor, Stunt Man, and award-winning Director and film Producer best known for his many appearances on "The Walking Dead", where he has played around 30 different walkers in seasons 3 through 9 including the Barbed Wire Face Walker, one of the Gas Mask Walkers, several Prison Walkers, Woodbury walkers, Saviors, and Whisperers.  

Greg has an impressive list of credits in other Movies and TV shows including  Under the Dome, Revolution, Vampire Diaries, Sleepy Hollow, Spiderman Homecoming, Iron Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy, We're the Millers, and many others. 


He is a founding member of the production company "Coastal Independent Films" which has produced award-winning films including "Thirst of the Dead" and "The Vegetarian" which are now playing around the world on Shorts TV. He also recently started his own production company, "Z-List Productions" which is currently in production on several films.


Greg is a regular in the convention world and considers himself to be an all-around supernerd as an avid comic book collector and cosplayer. He is a member of the 501st Legion, the R2 Builders Club, and the Doctor Who Costuming Academy as well as a contributing member of the Replica Prop Forum.


Greg grew up just a few miles from here in Gouverneur, NY so he's a Local Boy! He currently lives and works in the Southeast, but says he always looks forward to coming back home where the pace is a little more relaxed and the people are real. He got his start in professional acting when a friend asked him to be in a commercial. That commercial led to several others, and before long he was acting on the big screen.

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Michael Koske is an American actor living and working in Middle Georgia. His acting credits include frequent appearances as a featured "Walker" on AMC's The Walking Dead, including being Greg Nicotero's tribute to "Flyboy", from Dawn of the Dead. His zombie likenesses have appeared on t-shirts, figures, playing cards, and other official merchandise, and he's graced the pages of Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, The Walking Dead Official Magazine, the cover of The Ultimate Guide to Zombies, Rolling Stone Magazine, and most recently, the cover of TV Guide. He has also appeared as a daywalking Vampire on The Originals which is a spinoff for the Vampire Diaries, USA Network's Necessary Roughness, The Crazies, The Following featuring Kevin Bacon, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Need For Speed, Goosebumps, Captain America: Civil War, and the third installment of the Divergent series, Allegient, season 3 of Sleepy Hollow, Hidden Figures starring Kevin Costner, Hank Azaria's hit comedy Brockmire, and most recently, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, as one of Yondu's Ravagers, and in Pitch Perfect 3 You can look for him coming up in the final season of The Originals. Michael frequently appears at conventions in support of his second life as a member of the undead community.

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Susan Harris is a best-selling author from Cork, Ireland with 20 novels currently available and several in the works. Although Susan is known predominantly for her paranormal series’ (The Ever Chace Chronicles and The Sanguine Crown), she’s not afraid to mix things up with a little dystopian drama, Shakespeare reimagining, or even contemporary romance. When she’s not torturing her readers with heart-wrenching plot twists or killer cliffhangers, she’s probably getting some new book-related ink, binging her latest TV or music obsession, or has her nose in a book.
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Sweetheart Harley, or Harleen (yes- her legal name), is a professional cosplayer, model, and owner of Sweetheart Harley Inc. and Harleen Makeup. Harleen has been published in well over 20 magazines, interviews, and features. She has been cosplaying Harley Quinn for over a decade, making her own concepts, cosplays, and props all while mixing classic Harley Quinn looks and putting her in universes where she would never exist. She uses her platforms to spread awareness about mental health issues, eating disorders, and domestc violence while holding raffles for organizations like the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
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Harley Nox is a cosplayer who has been in the game since 2012, when she went to her first convention. She has attended a number of events such as New York Comic Con and enjoyed bringing a number of her favorite characters to life. During those events she has been featured in SyFy and INSIDER for cosplays such as Steampunk Belle, Renaissance Harley Quinn, and live-action Cinderella, as well as her Vault Dweller. In 2019 she also opened up an Etsy shop featuring a small variety of video game and nerd culture charms and jewelry. 
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Born and raised in England, Melanie was a Nerd long before being a nerd made you one of the cool kids. From an early age, Melanie was obsessed with all things fantasy, from books to TV shows, board games to dressing up, so with the growing of social media moving away from online forums, vlogging was a natural development. Now a Facebook Stars influencer with her show "Melanie's Muses", Melanie has turned her love of TV and Books into a social media explosion with Cosplays, Vlogs, and Facebook Lives with her husband Greg!
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