Cosplay Contest Rules

The cosplay contest includes a craftsmanship competition and walk-on exhibition. Pre-judging on Saturday is required if you wish to compete in the craftsmanship categories. For walk-on entries at con, come by pre-judging in the designated area (be sure to check the schedule for time and location changes) and notify the hosts that you are signing up for a walk on only. Craftsmanship entries should be done in advance to get a pre-judging timeslot guaranteed. 

Recommended age is 14+. There will be a kids parade and contest Saturday, September 25, before the main contest.


  1. All cosplay props are subject to inspection by convention staff upon admission to the convention. Weapons deemed completely unsafe will need to be removed from the convention area. Props and weapons may be "tagged" by the staff to signify that they have been inspected and deemed safe. Please see our code of conduct for rules on all props and weapons. Metal or other sharp/dangerous materials on costumes or props is not allowed.

  2. Please Note: New York State weapon and firearms laws are in effect and no weapons will be allowed in the convention proper. No exceptions.

  3. Nudity, partial or total, is not acceptable for the convention area. Cosplayers are subject to removal if not following this rule, or if the staff deems the costume inappropriate for the family friendly environment.

  4. No profanity, political or religious statements should be made during the competition. That includes messages on signs or clothes. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.

  5. No throwing items from the staging area during walk-on presentation. This includes confetti, food, props, etc.

  6. Cosplayers should register for the competition prior to the convention online via the FC3 website or Facebook links. At-con registration is primarily for walk-on contestants. Last minute registrations for craftsmanship will only be allowed if a prejudging timeslot can be made for the contestant, and are not guaranteed.

  7. Poor sportsmanship and bullying are highly discouraged and could lead to disqualification. We have a no tolerance harassment policy. This includes bullying or heckling of the judges about their decisions after the competition.

  8. Entry to our contest is strictly on a first come, first serve basis, and we may be required to cap or close entries in the event of a high volume of signups.

  9. You must have a valid ticket to FC3 to enter the contest. Registering for the contest online does not, in any way, shape or form, guarantee you entrance to the convention. Tickets can be purchased via the FC3 website.

    Adult entrants may enter ONE of the following categories:


Craftsmanship Entries (Intermediate or Novice level):

  1. While you can choose which of these levels you are more comfortable in, we encourage those who have been cosplaying for several years or have competed and won awards in other competitions to sign up for the Intermediate level instead of the Novice level.

  2. This category is based on how well you made your costume. You must have made at least 60% of your costume from scratch and be willing to participate in pre-judging. Costumes that have won any major awards for craftsmanship previously may NOT be entered in the Craftsmanship category.

  1. Craftsmanship entries are encouraged to join the Walk Ons on stage but it is not required. For walk-ons you will be given 30 seconds to come on stage, pose for photos, and show off your hard work to the audience.

  2. Once entrants have completed check-in (time and location will be published with the schedule), they will be assigned a time for prejudging to be completed if you are entering for craftsmanship. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your time in order to ensure that judges stay on track. If you fail to show up to pre-judging, you will not be judged.

  3. Be prepared to talk with our judges about how you made your costume. All entries are strongly encouraged to bring reference material. Not all judges know all characters, so it helps to bring a color picture (or several) if at all possible. You will be scored based on the accuracy, fit, and quality of construction of the cosplay you have created.


Walk-On Entries:

  1. Walk-Ons will be given 30 seconds to strut their stuff and strike their poses. Show off your costume and wow the audience! Anyone in cosplay may enter! Contestants in this section must pre-register online or at-con before the cosplay contest but no pre-judging is necessary.

Awards will be given for  the following categories:

  • Judge's Choice

    • Medal, weekend passes for 2022​

  • Craftsmanship Intermediate Level

    • 1st Place - $100, medal, weekend passes for 2022​

    • 2nd Place - $50, medal, weekend passes for 2022

  • Craftsmanship Novice Level

    • 1st Place - $50, medal, weekend passes for 2022​

    • 2nd Place - $25, medal, weekend passes for 2022

  • Walk On​

    • 1st Place - Medal, weekend passes for 2022​