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Joe Janowicz

Creator, Writer, Producer, Director Joe Janowicz has many commercially successful and critically acclaimed credits to his name, either as a writer, producer or director of movies, videos and most recently comic books and novels. His career has included creative projects including documentaries, commercials, and direct-to-home video programs.


Movies and Videos

As Production Director for Kodak Video Programs, over 100 titles were produced or acquired under Joe’s direction. Joe travelled the world for Kodak. His projects have taken him from Tahiti to Russia, China to England, and many more countries in between. Several of his films and programs were nominated and won awards with PBS TV.


Joe directed Academy Award-winner Gregory Peck in Maestros in Moscow, an acclaimed PBS documentary about the Louisville Orchestra's tour in Russia. Joe also directed Dudley Moore for Kodak’s joint venture with the Smithsonian Institution in the film Supertour for PBS, and worked with Siegfried and Roy, the famous Las Vegas magicians, in developing and creating a pre-recorded video for sale. Another of Joe’s television projects was a Kodak collaboration with Emmy Award-winning Director George Schlatter. Joe was the Kodak Producer in charge of The Ultimate Event, recording the live concert of Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, and Sammy Davis Jr., filmed at the Grand Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan. He also was the Producer of the Kodak Photography Sci-Fi children’s series for PBS TV, Adventures in Photography, featuring “Captain Camera,” and the award-winning series, Know the Land and the People.


Comic Books and Novels

Drawing upon his movie and TV background, Joe created and wrote the comic book series, Black Man White Man a chilling murder mystery set in today’s racially explosive world. A black police officer unknowingly transforms at night into a white serial killer who is murdering the family and friends of the black detective. When he awakens, he is obsessed to catch the Killer, not knowing they are one and the same. Illustrated by Nigel Carrington, of Starr Skills Studios.


Joe has also created and written Dreamer, a comic about a young boy who visits his brother in a children’s hospital and is trapped in a fire while saving disabled children. He is placed into an “induced coma” to survive. While in the coma, he travels into the dreams of the handicapped children he saved and helps them with their personal struggles and disabilities, enabling them to find the “hero within themselves.” Illustrated by Ken Wheaton.


Joe’s first novel, Bang-Bang You’re Dead, is a chilling horror story about a single night in a retirement home where a mysterious killer roams the halls and has the various elderly residents tell their life story before deciding whether they live or die.

His second novel, The Naked Dead, is a romantic mystery thriller. Someone is killing naked people in a major Florida nudist resort. Guests are found dead with bite marks in their necks and drained of all their blood. Is this the work of a real-life vampire, or a crazed psychopath pretending to be a vampire? A female detective and a male police officer partner together for the first-time, undercover, while “uncovered,” learning you don’t need clothes to catch a killer.


Joe recently completed a writing collaboration with Nathan Squiers, best-selling and award-winning author and creator of the Crimson Shadow series of novels, expanding his comic story Black Man White Man into a complete novel.


All novels are currently available at Amazon online or in Barnes and Nobles bookstores.


TV and Movie Projects

Returning to his TV and movie roots, Joe is currently developing a comedy TV series he created, I Dream of Genie. A millennial mom, in the middle of a divorce with two young children, juggling a high-powered marketing job, and dealing with well-meaning girlfriends who are fixing her up on blind dates, finds life more complicated when she buys an antique lamp containing a handsome male Genie.


Joe is also adapting his comic book story Dreamer into a young adult/family drama TV series.


Joe, in collaboration with USA Today Best-Selling Author, Nathan Squiers, has also written a complete Screenplay (series) of the novel Black Man White Man.


Finding Home is a newly completed story/screenplay. It is a heartfelt character drama about four homeless people who bond together during an unexpected cross-country trip to find a new home and rediscover themselves.


Completed scripts and treatments are available to read.


Upcoming Projects

Currently in progress, Joe’s 4th novel, Ghosts, is a suspense-filled mystery of the world’s two greatest horror authors who are left alone in a remote haunted house to collaborate on a book only to meet and fall in love with a mysterious female ghost. Release date Fall 2021.


The UnDEAD is a new Sci-Fi comic series Joe has created that also will be released later this year. Joe is also adapting this into a scripted TV series.


To learn more about these projects, see Joe’s website at

Or contact his Agent, Marisa Zeppieri, Strachanlit Literary Agency,

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