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Cosplay Ambassadors

Welcome our 2019 Cosplay Ambassadors!


Photo Credit: Panda Studio Montreal


I started cosplaying as an adult in 2011 and was determined not to let my late start hold me back. My first focus was learning to sew, and more recently I’ve gotten into resin and foamsmithing! I’m pretty fandom diverse with my cosplays though I do favor American media and video games. I love to travel the east coast con circuit year round and try new restaurants in other cities, but going on trips with friends and meeting new people is the best part of all. 


Instagram Focsee

Torra Zwei

Photo Credit: Chocozuma

Torra Zwei

Cosplay has been a learning experience for me and now I cosplay to constantly learn new techniques, keep my mind busy, and treat each project as if it were a puzzle to be solved. There are days I will spend in a thrift store or craft shop just looking for the pieces to pull everything together. Each outfit is a challenge I want to solve and overcome in a way!


I have been cosplaying since 2008 and have grown from having my mother make my cosplays for me, to gradually modifying thrifted clothing items more and more, to the point of where now I can make cosplays almost completely from scratch. Over the years I have learned how to use a sewing machine confidently, use a heat gun, foam, or even develop useful life techniques, including how to do makeup properly, trim hair a little, what glues work well with what situations, or even just simple mending of clothing! I also cosplay for the confidence it allows me to have in something I worked hard on and put a lot of time and effort into, it allows me to meet people who share my passion for a series or craft and learn more from them!


Instagram Torra.zwei

Batman 66 v3 (1).jpg

Batman 66

Greetings Citizens!
Batman 66 Cosplay Here!
I have been  portraying Batman 66 for 5 years now and have Loved every minute of  Doing the Character, 
This is my Third years as a Cosplay Ambassador for FC3 and I Love meeting all you Wonderful Cos-players and Fans,
 I am 59 years old  and here to prove you are never too old or too young for Cosplay, I believe that there is no Age Limit, Height requirement , weight prerequisite  or skin Color to doing Cosplay,all you do is Pick a Character and most importantly have Fun with it,
 I am a people person so please feel free to ask for a Photo with or of me and I will try my best to answer any and all of your Questions about Cosplay 
Please feel free to say Hi as it will be great to meet you all,
 See you April 13 and 14 at the Blue Cross Arena

KabukiKid - Youko (1).jpg



I'm a veteran cosplayer who has been in the hobby for more than 15 years. I love bringing my favorite characters to life, connecting with fellow nerds and meeting new friends!

Hillary Brooks.jpeg

Hillary S. Brooks


I am a 26yr old cosplayer from Rochester, N.Y. who has been cosplaying since 2012. I enjoy cosplaying from a variety of media, including anime, video games, and medieval/steampunk styles. I believe cosplay is for everyone- whether made or purchased. I also believe cosplay is about having fun and loving the characters. Above all, I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my love for cosplay and anime with everyone I meet.

Instagram: @hillarysbrooks

Photo Credit: Z Is Eternal

Tanukidee CP.jpg

Tanukidee CP


As a lifelong Rochester resident who loves cosplaying and crafting, my first cosplay was Shippou from Inu Yasha at the age of 40 over ten years ago. I met my husband at the store where we have worked for almost 30 years, and we have been married for almost 22 years. I'm now 51 years old, and my love for cosplaying is still going strong.

Miriai Lei.jpeg

Miriai Lei


My love of cosplaying started in 2006 when I went to my first convention and has only grown since then! Since that time I have done many costumes, enjoying the challenge of new techniques and loving the support of the community as I tried them. My favorite part about cosplay is the research that goes into each costume. I love finding that perfect pattern or fabric to meet my needs. Feel free to chat with me about ideas you have or just about costume creation in general, I love it!

Instagram: miriailei

Photo Credit: Z Is Eternal

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